Proč Precilum?

PRECILUM® is a CZECH company that has been producing its own custom LED lighting and LED technology since 2013.

In addition to our standard line, we are also able to offer custom solutions according to customer request.

Our highly professional engineering team is based in the centre of Europe. 


We offer flexible solutions based on:

·        Our own PCB development and manufacturing capabilities.

·        Our own R&D dept. Including with product development and manufacture.

·        Full project support for clients from the initial idea to the final solution.

·        Provision of lighting design visualisations and demonstration of 3D building models.

·        Capacity to also provide small series manufacture.

·        We adapt to your needs and DEVELOP SOLUTIONS for your project

·        Spare PARTS REPLACEMENT is guaranteed for 10 years. 

Some projects take time, and the whole procedure from the right choice of technical solutions to their implementation is often difficult to plan. Our experience with large-scale international projects, often including significant technical challenges, have given us the experience to tackle complex projects. Based on long-term experience, we’re confident to offer custom solutions in dynamic lighting and other special LED lighting solutions, with quality and cost optimization. 

Our technical support is always by your side to advise you, guide you and help you make your project come true. Our Consultancy Service is there for our customers and helps them with realization of any kind of installation. Our Consultancy Service is also in contact with light designers and engineers to consult on design and artistic points of installations.

PRECILUM is by your side from the first moment of your project to its completion.

The pride of PRECILUM® lies in its professional and experienced staff, the quality of our instrumentation and manufacturing equipment, and a deep knowledge of our control systems and related technologies.


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