Our vision

The goal of PRECILUM  is to develop, produce and supply preeminent LED lighting and lighting products paying special attention to the quality of their production, reliability and economy using proven components. PRECILUM is able to meet any individual requirements and high expectations of customers via original solutions for their projects. 

The company PRECILUM offers complex project and customer solutions for: 

1.        OUTDOOR RANGE – solutions and illumination of architectural buildings, hotels, shopping malls, churches, historical monuments, bridges, private villas etc.

2.        INDOOR RANGE – solutions from planning to implementation of artificial lighting 


Custom-designed solutions of special LED lighting projects, including software setup, programming and supply. Our strength is also in development of program applications which are rare to find in the market.

We are experts at the DMX/RDM and DALI networks that are used in lighting technology.  

Some speak about the third industrial revolution in the lighting field; others speak about the changing world...

At PRECILUM, we are confident that talent and quality are our defining features.  

Respecting our customers means paying careful attention to your project needs, and doing everything to meet your technical and artistic requirements. We’re always as close to you as a phone call!

Nowadays LED and lighting technology is a significant investment. The choice of light components is influenced by its financial return, lifetime of service, architectural design, functionality and appearance, and all relates to cost. For that reason PRECILUM have been developing and providing affordable solutions for customers that cannot be offered even by large world-wide companies that specialize in mass production.  

Our LEDs and optics are imported from some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers who guarantee the quality of their products. 

This is the reason why PRECILUM has always produced quality, well-priced products to make them accessible and competitive in the market. We have the experience to know things don’t always go as planned. You can count on us to always be ready with professional, custom solutions to last-minute installation surprises, taking into account the quality, cost and long-term maintenance needs of your project. 

Since 2013 PRECILUM has been an innovative family business of medium size, keeping us flexible and focused on the client.


CREATIVE - With a strong focus on tailor-made solutions and understanding customers’ needs, we regularly develop new products and customize the range of our existing lines. This results in our products being equipped with the latest technology in the market.

EFFICIENT - Our vast experience in the ARCHITECTURAL market, one of the most demanding markets in terms of efficiency, as well as our production tools and testing methods allow us to provide you with efficient and reliable solutions.

AFFORDABLE - The dynamic structure of our company allows us to optimize operational costs bringing high quality products to the market with affordable pricing.

PRECILUM is a strong partner providing revolutionary solutions to clients’ LED lighting project needs, always at the highest technological standards.