USB-RDM/DMX interface

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ECCO ReadySteadyGo device can be defined and

classified as the” lingua franca “ (universal-translator)

for all users of USB/DMX/RDM protocols.

ReadySteadyGo is totally compatible with standard

E1.20 RDM & DMX USITT 1990. ReadySteadyGo

is opto isolated and can be powered directly

from any PC USB port (Mac too). This device is

totally free-electric interferences between DMX &

PC. Should the device, inadvertently, be disconnected

and immediately reconnected, the software

will instantly reinstate connections. The hardware

of the ColoursReadySteadyGo is robust and ergonomically

designed to be handled without any fear

of breaking if incidentally dropped. ColoursReady-

SteadyGo has been designed to facilitate RDM bidirectional

communications using the 2-core DMX

protocol. ColoursReadySteadyGo integrates the

discovery RDM protocol that identifies all fixtures

connected with DMX protocol. The Colours-

ReadySteadyGo is also the perfect interface DMX

pass-thorugh gear compatible with the majority of


all existing world’s software