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TREXPRO product is suited for application in video Wall or for a large number of led module  that use many DMX universe, this unit receive ARTNET  and convert to sincronous (SPI) serial mode, using CK and DATA, this allow very fast communication between led driver.

T-Rex Pro have 8 channel, capable to drive up to 3072 channel each output, at very high speed 45fps or 2040 channel at 60fps, the synchronous signal (CK,DATA) is amplified by luminaire and it is also self addressed by each light segment connected. The power supply for the luminaire must applied externally and can be from 12 up to 48 vdc.

The distance from T-Rex Pro and luminaire must be less then 15 mt., a female IP67 M8 connector is provided cable with 0.5mm must be used for signal, power supply is applied on a 3 pole for power supply (100-260vac, or 350 vdc max.). Skin top for Ethernet cable is provided for connection to network at 100Mb.

Each Trexpro can be connected to main ethernet switch, each SPI output is protected from high voltage and miswiring.

The SPI port can be also converted to be used with  led driver: WS2811/WS2812/WS2812B/APA104/APA106/SK6812 .

The SPI protocol, is very high speed then DMX, with TREXPRO the DMX console can see SPI like DMX but 5 time faster, 2040 channel in 60fps, usually DMX is 40 fps on 512 channel.

TREXPRO is IP65 can work out door or in door from -25 up to 80 °C , aluminium die cast case 313x407x157 mm.






Input Voltage 12-48 V DC
Control DMX