PRECILUM® is a family company that has been producing self-developed LED lighting and LED technology since 2013. In addition to standard products, we are also able to offer tailored solutions according to original customer requests.

We are based in Central of EUROPE-CZECH REPUBLIC with high quality engineering team.

Our flexibility is given by:

  • Our own PCB development and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Our own R&D with product development and manufacture.
  • Full project support for clients from initial idea to final solution.
  • Provision of lighting design visualisations and demonstration of 3D building models.
  • Capacity to also provide small series manufacture.


The pride of PRECILUM® lies in the professionalism and expertise of our technical development staff, the standard of our instrumentation and manufacturing equipment, and our in-depth knowledge of control systems and related technologies.


PRECILUM is a strong partner providing revolutionary solutions to clients’ LED lighting project needs, always at the highest technological standards.